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Coaching Manitoba now has their very own channel on  This channel is another tool for coaches across the province to access great coaching resources.  Resources are available to coaches for free and to purchase. 


Coaching Manitoba, in partnership with various PSO’s, are creating video clip files of basic sport skills analysed to by biomechanist Adam Toffan and PSO sport technical experts.  These clips are available for free on the Coaching Manitoba Dartfish TV channel.  

Coaches can download the clips to compare film of their athletes to athletes of similar age or use the clips to help train their own eye on what they should be looking for when evaluating athlete skill development.” 

The channel contains video files for the Learn to Train and Train to Train stage athletes on:

·         dynamic warm ups

·         core training

·         ladder drills to develop agility

For the younger athletes in the Active Start and Fundamentals we have video clips for developing physical literacy skills like:

·         balance

·         running

·         jumping

·         throwing

·         catching

·         striking

These videos clips are from our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) DVD’s (Age Appropriate Training 1 and Games with a Purpose) and are downloadable at a cost of $10 per DVD.  Download the clips, put them on your mobile device and take them with you to practice! 

Thanks to the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Manitoba there are also video clips on exercises for:

·         injury prevention

·         sport psychology games for younger athletes

·         downloadable podcasts from Sport Psych Manitoba. 

These clips are available for free so share them with your athletes.  They can download the clips and podcasts to their own devices!

Visit our channel at Coaching Manitoba TV and check back often. 

Our LTAD DVD, Age Appropriate Training 2 focusing on speed and strength development including testing activities for athlete development is available for purchase and download!

DVD’s are available for purchase as well through the Coaching Manitoba office or website.

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