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An Education in Dartfish – See What it’s All About!

Dartfish Video Analysis

Coaching Manitoba, through the facilitation of Adam Toffan (Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba), unleashed the world of Dartfish on 25 Manitoba coaches in November 2008. The Dartfish Certification Course was the first of its kind offered in Canada and both introductory courses were full to capacity! Due to the popularity of the analysis software, Call the Coaching Manitoba office at 925-5913 or email to receive information on purchasing Dartfish software or check out their website.

The Introductory course offers an overview of the Analyze This! Program and is administered by Coaching Manitoba. The course discusses video camera use, including video camera filming techniques, camera placement, camera angles, lighting and the use of tripods. Dartfish software analysis tools are explained, including timing events, (e.g. Batting swing), measuring movements (e.g. Step length), timing velocity of movements (e.g. ball speed), drawing tools and video overlay. The fee for this course is only $25.00, contact Coaching Manitoba to register.


Following his completion of the introductory course, racquetball coach Evan Pritchard will be videotaping athletes at events such as the Brandon Open and then reviewing the tape with athletes such as nationally ranked Michael Burgess to analyze his stroke mechanics. Evan sees this as a useful tool for coaches at all levels, particularly when working with athletes in the ‘Training to Train’ stage of athlete development.

Dartfish is amazing video analysis software that, among other things, can provide a curling coach with technical and tactical analysis of his/her team. It is an invaluable coaching tool that the Manitoba Curling Association uses to help a coach and curler analyze curling techniques such as delivery or brushing in fine detail. The portable system, which includes a camera, tripod, fire wire and laptop computer with the Dartfish software, provides immediate feedback to the athlete to fine-tune their performance. The Dartfish program offers more than video and drawing tools, as it can also synchronize and compare various delivery styles. The tagging feature enhances a team’s tactical analysis and can be used as a scouting tool as well.

“For my athletes, I wanted the best video analysis in the market, and Dartfish is by far the best. With the features of the software, I am able to do an in-depth analysis of the athlete’s technique as well as compare it to a world-class athlete. I can create media books for each of my athletes to keep for future reference. I would highly recommend the use of this technology to anyone who is looking to become the best in their sport.”
-Connie Laliberte, MCA High Performance Director.


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